Mark Scheetz has always been into horror movies, the paranormal and Bigfoot. So much so that he started a podcast talking about horror movies and another podcast discussing all things paranormal called Paranormal Punchers.

It was Paranormal Punchers (that he does with his wife and friends) that sparked the story for Bigfoot Ridge. In fact, the script itself is somewhat based on true events. Mark actually did get an email from a listener inviting him to a cabin in the woods to explore a Bigfoot sighting. With that email and a brain fueled by horror movies and the weird stuff he talks about on the podcast, the idea for Bigfoot Ridge was born. He considers it a “what-if” story.

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Mark Scheetz’s passion for podcasting and the unexplained collide in Bigfoot Ridge. The beautifully fluid artwork by Ari Pluchinsky and Sam Bowen brings this tale to life and compliments the Paranormal Punchers. Definitely a treat!

Michael Ravenshadow
Co-host of Trick or Treat Radio